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Legal Translation

Birth – Death – Marriage – Divorce – Decree – Adoption – etc.
100% Acceptance by USCIS, US Courts, Social Security Admin., and other State and Federal Agencies in the USA Wide acceptance in Latin America, Europe.

Experienced legal translators

Our legal translators have been translating legal documents for the USA and the world for many years. Numerous law firms around the USA continue to rely on our services to get their documents translated inexpensively, quickly and accurately.


​We are a corporate member of the ATA. If one of your court’s requirements is to have a translation by an ATA-certified/accredited or ATA- member translator, then, we are here to help with the most affordable rates and quickest turnaround times.

Our certified translations are accepted by the USCIS, US federal and state courts, Secretaries and Department of State, professional boards, banks, US colleges, evaluation services and other government, academic and private institutions.

Our certified translations have been successfully used for evidence material, exhibits, court complaints, judgements, adoptions and other court- related documents and matters all throughout the 50 states. If needed, we also have court-certified interpreters for written translation